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Creative Portfolios

Welcome! My name is Ellie Raine, and this is my creative portfolio! My passion for artistic creation knows no bounds, giving me years of experience in a number of cross-functional departments of art such as writing, drawing, painting, digital designing, bookcover designing, audiobook directing/producing, music composition/directing/performance, and so much more.

My special bonus skills also include theater-combat choreography (I'm a trained Martial Artist in Aikido, Shenkindo, & Bojutsu), costume designing, prop/set designing, storyboarding, and developmental editing for creative writing.

Please feel free to browse my portfolios by scrolling, or click on the links below to bring you to a specific gallery. If you have questions, or just want to get in touch, please head to the contact page or email me at! I'd love to hear from you!

Bookcover Design Portfolio


Ad Graphic Design