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"If Tim Burton had written Lord of the Rings" 

- Vincent E.M. Thorn, Author of the Dreamscape Voyager Trilogy

Award-winning gothic fantasy series, the NecroSeam Chronicles follows a Reaper Knight who must embark on a haunting journey to free his imprisoned soul from his twin brother's body.

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NecroSeam Prequels & Extras

Prequel Extras to the NecroSeam Chronicles, discover how the characters met in these magical bonus stories!

 Paranormal Noir

Grudges, Gangsters and Gods.

Alastor Déus, a hard-boiled detective gumshoe from 1940s Boston, finally has a lead on the woman who murdered his old man: his dear old mother. But when his estranged family comes to town, he discovers a disturbing family secret. Then, a mysterious dame starts showing up at every death, and his life suddenly takes an unexpected turn. One thing's for sure... it'll take more than a revolver to wipe his murdering mother from the history books.

Bullets aren't going to work.

 Children's Illustration

A beautiful story of a girl who braves the cold of winter with to save the coming of spring! 


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