The End of Existence is coming. 

But the five realms of Nirus are too distracted by civil wars and terrifying demons to notice the true danger.

Desperate to stop it, the King of Dreams has foreseen the world's last hope... a pair of twin Necromancers. He sends the Princess of Death on a secret mission to find them.

But it may be too late. For one of these champions is thought dead...


And his soul trapped inside his twin.


Writer's Digest

1st Place Winner


7th Annual Self-Published eBook Awards

"This book is an incredible step into another world... I was very impressed by how much Raine was able to accomplish well in this book. Her characters are fascinating, relatable, and interesting. The world-building is so creative and original and I really appreciated how it is shown to the reader. Instead of information being dumped on, it is revealed slowly and cleverly but with enough at a time to create an excellent pacing and sense of wonder. For a system so complex, that was an awesome accomplishment.

I was fascinated by the story as well, and enjoyed the journey that the characters have to go on to figure out what has happened. It was delightful, exciting, and managed to hook me from beginning to end without making me feel like what I was reading was unrealistic. I love when fantasy can do that and this was story worked so well.

I thought the plot was paced expertly, as it's a first in a series I didn't think that too much was left hanging at the end; rather it hit that sweet spot of feeling satisfied from the story we've been through but also with enough questions and momentum to propel the reader into the next book. I really enjoyed this one and appreciated the cleverness of the darker subject of necromancers being the heroes. It was very enjoyable." 

-Judge, 7th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

"One of the most fascinating universes I have ever encountered... rich, mysterious, inviting, and frightening... you'll want to visit it again and again." --Readers' Favorite Review



Reapers at War

Scythes Against Swords

After surviving a vicious battle with the Demon Queen's army of undead Necrofera, Xavier and Alexander are now fully knighted and have been inducted into the Brotherhood of Reapers. But they are no closer to finding Xavier's missing body, and his soul is still trapped inside his brother. 

Following a possible lead, the coexisting brothers travel to Everland's capital only to discover the false King has betrayed the Reapers. For the first time in centuries, Knights of the Death Realm are forced to fight against living souls in a double-war with both the Necrofera and Everland armies.


When their comrades are taken captive, the twins join Death Princess Willow on a rescue mission to free them from an impenetrable fortress high in the desert canyons. Along the way, the Reaper forces get help from unexpected allies of different realms, all of whom are searching for the "ShadowBlood", a legendary hero who looks just like the twins... 


If they had been born as one.


Chosen by the Gods. Blessed with Sacred Magic. Will it be enough?

The world of Nirus is entering a time of discord. The Land realm is on the brink of a civil war as rumors of their lost Relicblood's imminent return continue to spread. The war between the realms is threatening the fragile balance of this world as even the Demon kingdoms are fighting amongst themselves.


Caught in the middle are twin reapers who may have a bigger part in this dark adventure than ever imagined.


After six years trapped inside his twin, Xavier's soul is finally back in his own body, although his long years in a soulless coma has left him physically weak. Death Princess Willow is thrilled to have her fiancéback, but her duties as Grim's emissary takes precedence now that theReaper's war with Everland has intensified. The twins sail with Willow on a diplomatic mission to the icy glaciers of the Ocean realm before continuing on to the lush forests of the Neverland continent. But the ruthless new queen has laid an ominous trap for the legendaryShadowbloods... and the reapers are sailing right into it.



A Raging Storm

                                 A Spreading Darkness

                                    A Rising Champion

After 2000 years of peace, the Time of Discord is returning to the Five Realms of Nirus. Prophecy claims only the Shadowblood can stop the total destruction of the world. Now, at last he is found! But he is not what the world expected.... for the Gods decided this legendary champion was to be born as twins, Xavier and Alexander, with their magic split between them. It will take the two of them working together to defeat the dark evil that has been brewing for the last 500 years. But will they be ready in time?

The bloodthirsty queen of Neverland has been defeated and the true queen of Land reinstated, but the war between the realms is far from over. Now, an entourage of royal Relicblood heirs from each realm, including Death Princess Willow and the twins, board an Airship and sail up to the magnificent floating islands of the Sky realm to avert another war.

Little do they know an evil sorcerer has laid a deadly trap for them. Macarius has foreseen that someday soon, the Shadowblood twins will be the only ones capable of spoiling his dark plans. And they both must die before that time arrives... before they find the mystical Relic of Sky, the Phoenix of Scarlet.


Blossom of Gold

 NecroSeam Chronicles Book V

NecroSeam Chronicles Epic Finale!

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Princess of Shadow and Dream

A necromancer Prince

An Oracle Princess

                           When nightmares bring death...

The Royal Death family's dreams are put in danger when their hired Dreamcatchers go missing, and Prince Serdin suddenly finds himself targeted by dream-stalking demons. But his soul is saved by a powerful new sorceress... the Princess of Dreams herself.

After living half a millennium in her father's timeless realm, Myra is excited to visit the physical plane of the shadowy Death kingdom. When she is asked to protect the Death Prince in his dreams, the two royals are surprised to share an unwelcome attraction. And now that undead demons have infiltrated Myra's metaphysical domain, the two must fight their nightmares in both realms.


After a lifetime of seeking revenge for his murdered father, Alastor Déus finally has his chance to capture the killer: his mother. She’s come to town and her welcoming present is a bullet through her teeth. But this family reunion isn’t going to be what he expected…


Bullets aren’t going to work. 

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