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Ellie loves the world of cosplay and wigs (she has so many!) and you'll often see her in costume at conventions. Here are some of the literary characters she has dressed as. (Photo credit to Retta Bodhaine)

Willow Ember

From Ellie's own book, Willow of Ashes, Willow Ember is the Princess of Death, unmatched with a scythe in combat against beasts and men alike. The scythe is made from styrofoam and foam-board, embossed with hot-glue decorations and painted in metallic grey, lit with mini-LED lights and bejewelled with pretty stickers. This was my first attempt at a lace dress, and I'm more than thrilled with how it turned out. The fun with this costume was how little girls saw the crown and asked for a picture... Who knew? Even a Death Princess gets love!

Shallan Davar

From Brandon Sanderson's book series, The Stormlight Archives, Shallan Davar is a young noblewoman and scholar-in-training who loves to sketch whatever catches her interest--for the sake of scholarship, of course... and perhaps to admire the occasional sailor during her leisure. Her likenesses are incredibly spot-on and she holds a very interesting secret that you'll have to Read And Find Out...  


*All photo credit goes to Retta Bodhaine of*



Vin Venture

(Special guest Elend Venture played by Ellie's husband, Joshua!)

From Brandon Sanderson's book series, Mistborn!


Photo credit to Retta Bodhaine
Ellie and Josh!
Sanderson took a picture with me!
DSC00153 (2)
photo credit to Retta Bodhaine
photo credit to Retta Bodhaine
photo credit to Retta Bodhaine
photo credit to Retta Bodhaine
photo credit to Retta Bodhaine

Rita Skeeter

From the Harry Potter Series! (Requested cosplay)

*Yes, the Quick-Quotes-Quill scribbles!*

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