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Ellie  Raine

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Award-winning fantasy author Ellie Raine began her tutorial as a young artist with an addiction to storytelling. As she leveled, she assigned all her stats to various creative skills: Drawing, painting, Photoshop, manga art, story construction, worldbuilding, and character arc plotting. She was aiming for a proficiency in Game Art Design -- until she stumbled upon a side quest called "Creative Writing" while studying Game Design at the Art Institute of Atlanta, then...


Uh-Oh! What's this?


The story she had meant to be a game is evolving!? Congratulations! Her would-be game is now a completed 5-book fantasy series! Now she has unlocked a number of achievements and awards for her videogame-turned-book series! Rejoice!


This means she still creates all the character and monster designs her little heart desires! Bonus features have also allowed her to keep designing logos and graphics professionally, as well as illustrate and produce an Oracle Card deck of her very own. Fueled by coffee-bean concoctions brewed by the finest caffeine alchemists in Atlanta, Georgia, she continues to craft magical tales and artwork with her husband, daughter and three cats.


Her epic fantasy series, the NecroSeam Chronicles, has won several awards including First Place in Fantasy for Writer's Digest, a Silver Medal for Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, and additional awards from Readers' Favorite and the Book Excellence Awards.

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