Side Characters and Why We Love Them (More than the protagonist)

November 22, 2016



"I like your _______ character WAY more than your protagonist!"


If this sounds familiar, congratulations! You're a writer, Harry. Welcome to the first episode of: 


Ellie Raine's School of Wordcraft and Scribery! 


Isn’t it interesting how our favorite characters in books tend to not be the main ones?

There’s a reason for it. We see every waking minute of the main character’s life, his every thought, his goals and desires. Sometimes, we even know his past.


But the side guys?




We barely know anything. (Usually) The only information we see is what the main character learns.

But what if the roles were reversed?


What if those favorite characters of ours were the lead roles instead? Would we have picked the previous lead as our favorite, since he had more ‘mystery’ to him, and we now know virtually everything about the side guy?


And isn’t it funny how in love triangles, we usually root for the choice we’re pretty sure isn’t going to win? Why? There is just something about that ‘what if’ scenario that eats at us.


Just a curious thought. But in all seriousness, if someone tells you they prefer one of your side characters over your protagonist, don't let it get to you. It doesn't mean your protagonist is worse, it just means you made a great side character as well as a great protagonist, but that mystery is killing them.