Terrible News--Chester Bennington Passes. "Crawling" Tribute Cover

July 21, 2017


Yesterday was a gambit of emotions for me. I'd started the day writing, couldn't focus and switched to music recording, randomly decided to record a ukulele cover of Crawling by Linkin Park (my favorite band since I was twelve), and right when I'd finished recording, I looked at my phone. My friend Retta had left me a few texts, asking if I was all right.


Not having looked at facebook all day, I was confused. "Doing fine," I texted back, "why?"


Sometime while I was recording, it was announced that Chester Bennington passed.


Now, this is the second celebrity death that had me this shocked, confused, speechless and in tears. The first had been when Sir Terry Pratchett was announced gone. I'd been writing in a hotel lobby the morning of that announcement, and I had to leave because I couldn't stop crying.  


My deepest, heartfelt regards are sent to his family and friends. I can only imagine what they're going through. I'd never met him and this tragedy affected me on a personal level. Chester Bennington was the reason I wanted to learn how to sing (and scream in tune). Linkin Park's music introduced me to a whole new type of evocative music. Their albums were one of the first things my now husband and I bonded over when we were thirteen. My brother Lance was the one to first show me an album of theirs, and when I was fourteen, he got me out of school to go see my first ever concert--which was of course Linkin Park. Apparently, I must have talked about their music often enough, because when the news came out, I was suddenly flooded with texts asking if I was all right for the next two days. 


For years, I'd always thought about recording a cover of one of Linkin Park's songs--and the day I finally, randomly, for no bloody reason except a silly impulse decided to cover Crawling, it happened on the day Chester Bennington died. It may be a coincidence, but when I heard the news right after recording, it didn't feel like one. I wanted to puke my stomach was in so many knots.


To be honest, I almost didn't want to share the cover, but after some thought I figured, hey. Maybe there was a reason I decided to record it that day. So, in honor of Chester Bennington, I'm sharing my cover of Crawling as a tribute. I hope you find peace where you are, Mr. Bennington.