Writing Mom: A Juggling Act For the Ages

November 4, 2019


"All Good Things In Moderation" is definitely a healthy philosophy to follow, in my humble opinion. It just makes sense. Doing a little work for a set amount of time, taking time to rest, taking time to eat, taking time to relax and be with your family, sleep, rinse and repeat. Easy, right?


Unfortunately for me, no… Not so easy.


If you're the type of writer who is able to juggle all of that in perfect harmony, then I have nothing but admiration for you. One day I hope that I, too, can achieve that sense of balance in my life.


But if I'm being honest with myself, I'm terrible at balance. Since I was a kid, I've always been either 100% committed or 0% committed to anything: tasks, chores, work, rest, food, family, you name it. I was either focus on ONE thing, or NOTHING at all. My brain can't seem to stretch itself any further than that.


So when I fell in love with writing, I spent the next decade writing non-stop for hours at a time, sometimes even days or weeks or months... I sacrificed a lot of sleep, I forgot to eat more times than I care to admit, and more often than not, I even forgot I was in the real world at all. This was my routine, for years. It became a habit.


Now throw a baby into the mix (not literally, please!) and that routine went straight out the window real quick (not with the baby).


Sure, pregnancy helped ease into new routines... sort of. They didn't last very long, but it did help break out of some habits I'd been struggling to free myself from.


Now, I know it probably wasn't the best idea, but I was determined to reach a deadline for one of my novellas, Princess of Shadow and Dream, so for the last two months of pregnancy I wrote as much as I possibly could, knowing I wouldn't be able to get as much done when the baby dragon was born. But between the sudden naps that made me drop everything to sleep on the couch to the terrible back pain that forced me to lie down anyway, I didn't quite finish before the baby... but the baby slept so much, I was actually able to finish in the next two weeks between sleep and feedings.


Turns out, newborns weren't exactly the disastrous hurricanes I was expecting. All they know is feeding, sleeping, pooping, and cuddles! Yes, they keep you up every two or three hours (which sucks away your memory, which is honestly why I don't remember writing a word of that novella despite knowing that I did write it!) but I was lucky to have a wonderful husband to share the night shift with. I was doubly lucky to have him considering I'd undergone an emergency C-section (our baby dragon had lost a LOT of blood during the birth and almost